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Nine ASG cabinet positions filled, five more elected today


As Miami's Associated Student government wraps up their activities for the 2016-2017 school year, nine of the 14 positions for next year's executive cabinet have been filled.

At the April 11 ASG session, the senate elected three first-years to prominent cabinet positions: Cole Hankins as Speaker of the Senate, Will Ziegert as Secretary for On-Campus Affairs and Cecilia Comerford as Secretary for Governmental Relations.

The body also elected sophomores Caroline Weimer, Meaghan Murtagh and Madeline Zinkl as secretaries of finance, advancement and alumni affairs and treasury, respectively.

Murtagh is, so far, the only returning member of the cabinet - she was the incumbent candidate for the alumni and advancement position. All other currently selected members of the incoming cabinet served as senators this past year.

The senate also confirmed junior Brandon Fogel as Chief of Staff, who was appointed by incoming President Maggie Callaghan.

Callaghan and her vice president, Lucas Elfreich, count as members of the executive cabinet and round out the nine positions filled so far.

Elfreich says that he and his running mate are excited about the cabinet selections so far.

"The members that have been elected so far have definitely shown their qualities as leaders over the past year, and Maggie and I hope and expect this to continue into cabinet," wrote Elfreich in statement for The Student. "We hope that the rest of the cabinet fills out the same way, but we trust the students' voice through the senate to make the best decision."

Up for election at this week's April 18 ASG meeting are the seats for secretaries of communications and media relations, infrastructure and sustainability, off-campus affairs, academic affairs and diversity affairs.