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Humans of Oxford: Brandon Fogel: A Great Presence

Brandon Fogel darts around Pearson 128, setting up the next improv game by fielding suggestions from the audience. He is boisterous and charismatic, talking to the audience as if they were his old friends. His sharp wit and quick jabs at random spectators only add to this feeling.

Mind you, this is no fake stage persona, this is simply Brandon. He is a great presence.

Brandon is an active member in Associated Student Government, Sketched Out Improv, 4 Paws For Ability, the Center for Business Leadership, Honors, Business Honors and AEI Executive Council, and he is an undergraduate assistant for CSE 148.

Brandon's kind smile and wide blue eyes make him seem like he is in a constant state of delighted surprise. He is always sharply dressed with a few sandy strands of hair flying from his otherwise neatly combed head as he hurries his way from meeting to meeting.

Brandon approaches each organization with enthusiasm and commitment. Each allows him to pursue a different passion and develop strengths that show in another.

His organizations also present Brandon with opportunities to create long-lasting change in his community. He works tirelessly in each position to make sure whoever takes over will be able to carry on the same mission of betterment.

"I want to make sure what I've done is sustainable, and there are people who can do what I've done -- hopefully better -- in the future," Brandon said.

As Brandon approaches the end of his junior year, he is already thinking about what he wants to leave behind.

Brandon defines his life by his projects, and he is in the process of brainstorming what his final project will be.

Drawing inspiration from "The Beckoning of Lovely," a project created by late author Amy Krouse Rosenthal, Brandon wants to leave one final positive impact on Miami.

"My biggest question is: What do I want to look back on and say 'I helped make something better,'" Brandon said.

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