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32 senators elected to Miami ASG

32 Miami Associated Student Government senators were elected Monday, April 24 for the 2017-2018 academic year.

16 of these senators are designated "off-campus," meaning they are charged with representing the interests of students who live off-campus. There are 16 regularly available off-campus seats, leaving no vacant seats.

The other 16 elected students are labeled "academic" senators and represent the interests of the school or college to which they belong. There are 16 regularly available academic seats, meaning all slots are currently filled.

These recent senator-elects make up the majority of the 51 voting-enabled senatorial seats available in Miami's ASG. Come fall 2017, they will be joined by 16 elected on-campus senators, as well as a commuter senator, a resident assistant senator and the recently elected parliamentarian, former Speaker of the Senate Jack Fetick.

The Speaker of the Senate and the Speaker Pro Tempore are classified as members of the senate, but do not have the power to cast votes except in the event of a tie and are not included in 51-seat total.

Below are names of the victorious senators from Monday's election.

College of Creative Arts

  • Isaac O'Bryan, architecture, junior

College of Education, Health and Society

  • Conor Daly, sports leadership and management, first-year
  • Julia Koenig, social work, sophomore
  • Trenton White; integrated social studies education, middle childhood education, history; junior

College of Engineering and Computing

  • Kiril Kolev, bioengineering, sophomore
  • Adam Lopata, software engineering, sophomore

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College of Arts and Science

  • Madeline Claire Burke; zoology, premedical studies; junior
  • Hannah McCarthy; strategic communication, social justice studies, junior
  • Molly O' Donnell; public administration, sustainability; first-year
  • Darshini Parthasarathy; psychology, political science; sophomore
  • Sarah Siegel, quantitative economics, sophomore
  • Austin Worrell, political science, junior

Farmer School of Business

  • Daljeet Singh Gadiwale, finance, first-year
  • Madison Johns, accountancy, first-year
  • Claire Keller, supply chain and operations management, first-year
  • Collin O'Sullivan, finance, first-year


  • Christopher Crouse, economics, first-year
  • Bradley Davis; microbiology, premedical studies; sophomore
  • Noah Dewhirst; finance, Spanish; first-year
  • Nicholas Froehlich, political science, sophomore
  • James Gale; urban and regional planning, economics; sophomore
  • William Hoffman, business undeclared, first-year
  • Wil Hughes, speech pathology and audiology, junior
  • Halle Kaplan, strategic communication, junior
  • Charles Kennick; anthropology, public administration, sophomore
  • Mary Mamone, marketing, sophomore
  • Paul McCreary, diplomacy and global politics, junior
  • Myles McNeal, diplomacy and global politics, sophomore
  • Megan Roberts; premedical studies, political science; sophomore
  • Courtney Rose, integrated language arts and education, junior
  • John Roth; sustainability, botany; sophomore
  • Micaela (Caley) Wexler, finance, sophomore