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ASG establishes Student Success Fund

Going to college is expensive. The high cost is not only due to tuition and other official billed items, but also to the unofficial costs of living in Oxford -- restaurants, club dues, bar covers. In light of this, Miami's ASG recently unveiled a unique scholarship.

Instead of paying for students' books, the Student Success Fund pays for their club soccer dues. Instead of paying for classes, it pays for their pizza.

"A lot of scholarships cover tuition and housing and meals," Secretary of Communications and Media Relations Amy Berg said, "but a lot of [other] things add to your experience."

In order to finance the Student Success Fund, the ASG cabinet has proposed building up funds by soliciting donations. ASG alumni, parents at Make It Miami events and large organizations on campus will be getting requests.

One idea for getting donations is a volleyball tournament in March dubbed "Set Up for Success." Eighteen of the largest student organizations will be invited to participate. Their registration fees will go toward the Student Success Fund.

"Set Up for Success is about recognition, not just getting the donations," Berg said.

Students will be able to make requests from the Student Success Fund which will be vetted for true financial need. Similar to ASG funding for student organizations, students hoping to use the Student Success Fund would need to come prepared with the purpose and amount desired.

The ASG executive cabinet hopes that the Student Success Fund can help all students get the same experience, removing any financial barriers to entry from the school's social scene.

"We get to help people living their everyday and getting that Miami experience," Berg said.

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