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White nationalist fliers posted at MU

By Emily Williams, Managing Editor

Fliers with anti-immigrant and white supremacist messages were found posted in academic buildings on Miami's campus on Monday. The logo of Miami University's College Republicans was printed on the bottom right corner of the fliers. The student organization issued a statement Monday that the MU College Republicans are not affiliated with the fliers, nor did the organization give anyone permission to use their logo.

"We unify with our classmates on the other side of the aisle, and raise our voices to make this declaration perfectly clear: the views presented on these fliers have absolutely no place in our civil discourse," wrote Alexander Cary, chairman of Miami University College Republicans, in a statement to The Miami Student.

One flier, which had a photo of President-elect Donald Trump's face on it, read, "No more white guilt narratives. This country is our birthright." The top of the flier also claims that white Americans' ancestors were "not immigrants" and were "explorers and conquerors."

Another flier says, "Africa for Africans," "Asia for Asians" and "Arabia for Arabs," followed by, "Europe for 'refugees'?" and "American for 'immigrants?'" The bottom of the poster reads, "Do you see the double standard?"

The fliers had an image of Pepe the Frog, an internet meme that has become associated with white supremacists, in the lower left-hand corner.

The fliers advertise the website The Right Stuff, a self-described political and cultural blog started in 2012 that lists "putting cuckservatives in the cuck shed" as one of its four primary goals.

A section of The Right Stuff's website is dedicated to defining the slang used on the site. Many of the terms and definitions are critical of liberals and some of conservatives, but many others have xenophobic, homophobic, sexist or anti-Semitic messages. The title of its podcast is "The Daily Shoah." Shoah is the Hebrew word for the Holocaust.

In late November, similar fliers, which also included the website for The Right Stuff, were posted around campus. Miami's Leadership Team, including President Gregory Crawford, issued a statement after the fliers were found denouncing their content and pledging to maintain their commitment to inclusion on campus.

In response to the fliers, students are partnering with Miami's chapter of the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) to host a "Fierce Love Flier Fest" at the Armstrong Seal from 1 to 3 p.m. tomorrow, Dec. 14. Pre-made fliers will be available for students to decorate or sign, and there will be additional information for students who want to participate in more activist efforts.

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