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The girl in the red dress

By Julia Wilson, The Miami Student

Everyone told her she was the lucky one. She's going to her top choice university and her boyfriend is here with her. She didn't have to endure the college breakup. She's so lucky.

What others deemed luck, she deemed social purgatory. The constant battle between wanting to see him, but not wanting to let precious moments that could be spent making new friends slip by. The battle between comfort and the fear of the unknown.

He, on the other hand, was completely okay with throwing comfort by the wayside.

She texts him.

Four hours later, a response.

"I think it's best if we just spend time with other people. This is college."

She had been at Miami University for two weeks and had seen her boyfriend only once. But he loved her, and she loved him. This was normal.

That Friday night, as she got ready with the two friends she had made since being at school, she put on a red shift dress and brown leather sandals. This was the outfit she would dance away her troubles in. Nothing bad could happen if she felt this pretty.

She walks through the entrance of the bar, her senses overwhelmed with pulsating music and neon lights. As she pushes her way through the masses to find a spot to dance, she sees him.

Fear fills her chest.

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She walks toward him. He is her boyfriend. She's allowed to say hi. This is normal.

He sees her and frowns. He grabs her gently by the arm, pulls her to the corner and whispers in her ear.

She walks away as fast as she can, her face collapsing. She falls into the arms of her best friend and begins to sob.

The girl in the red dress is free.