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Everyone deserves to be taken on a date: Why students should move beyond hookups

By Hannah Meibers, Guest Columnist

When was the last time you went on a date?

By date, I am referring to the romantic few hours where you're whisked away by a person of your interest.

Maybe they pay for your dinner. Maybe they pick you up in their 2013 Escalade. Maybe they compliment your outfit when they first set their eyes on you.

By date, I am not referring to a one-night stand or an endless night at the bars.

Maybe they hold the door for you. Maybe they hold your hand. Maybe they tell you your eyes are the most beautiful thing they've ever seen.

So think: when was the last time you went on a date?

Miami University is full of the most intelligent, beautiful and innovative people I've come to know. Over a month into the school year, friends and acquaintances have shared their numerous stories of "romance" with me. Oddly enough, the majority of their tales end in, "and then they asked if they could take me home." Such intelligence should not result in such ignorance. There's no denying the fact that, as college students, we are not always capable of spending big bucks on that handsome fellow from Accounting or that brainy beauty from Theater. Besides our meager bank accounts, our minds and bodies endure great amounts of stress everyday from our studies and extracurricular activities. It's understandable that students don't want to add the extra stress of a date. However, by no means should that have our nights consisting of careless hook-ups and broken hearts.

My fair share of dates has grown slim since I've been in a relationship for over half a year. Yet as busy as my boyfriend and I both are, we still find time for each other. College -- and more so, life -- is all about connections and relationships. Without building and experiencing with others, mentally we can weaken.

Experiencing laughter and creating memories is crucial, especially when our minds are so new to the world. Miami is certainly not scarce in providing opportunities for building relationships with others. Through Late Night Miami, sporting events or a simple knock on your neighbor's door, making those important connections is easily accessible.

However, I often hear of my friends never speaking to that guy they were so "head-over-heels" for and not feeling any remorse. Even worse, that guy never speaks to them again, leaving them with plenty of remorse. These interactions have become very familiar and it's frustrating to watch my peers not get the respect they deserve.

When was the last time you went on a date?

Libby Conley, first year at Miami University, says, "I haven't been on a date since my ex-boyfriend and I went on one, which was over two months ago. However, I've hung out with several different guys, but there was no formal, romantic context like a date would have."

Everyone deserves to be taken on a date. Everyone deserves to put on their favorite outfit and be told that they're rocking it. Everyone deserves a day or evening of pampering. But this does not fit the stereotypical college experience, which consists of hook-ups and no texts back.

I'd love to see more Miami Mergers and less Miami police reports of sexual assault. I was beyond surprised when I got the first text from the Miami University police department, stating that, before the school year had even begun, a student was sexually assaulted. You grow up watching the news, sitting in classrooms, hearing stories; there is so much disrespect in this world, why add the disrespect of someone's body?

Miami students deserve respect, and it all starts with you.

So think: when was the last time you went on a date?