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Slice of life: A sunny day

By Staff Writers, For The Miami Student

High Street - Elizabeth Hansen

Crowds of people gather Uptown Sunday to enjoy the sunny weather after last week's rain.

Families picnic in the park while teenage girls dressed in volleyball uniforms race across the street.

"Wait up for us!" yells a dad who was stopped by the light.

The girls turn and laugh. They aren't going to listen to him.

"It's such a beautiful day!" my friend Sam yells as we walk down High Street. "Let's take a picture."

She runs up to a woman with a little puppy.

"Can you take our picture?" she asks. The woman gets up from her picnic table and tells her dog to "stay."

We stand and smile, capturing the freshly blossomed tulips and Spikeball players in the background hitting the yellow ball down into the little net. They are all laughing.

"Thank you!" she says.

We walk toward campus, passing by Brick Street, whose empty tables and closed doors lend no hint to last night's festivities.

For now, they are overshadowed by the crowds of church-goers catching some lunch, the sunny skies and the students preparing for the school week.

For now...

King Library - Audrey Davis

Like any Sunday afternoon, the basement of King Library is filled with people. I sit alone at one of the only empty cubicles with an outlet and begin to do my endless pile of homework.

I am content, listening to music and doing my own thing. It isn't long until I feel the cubicle shake. Someone has taken a seat on the opposite side.

My quiet studying continues.

Crunch. Crunch. Crunch.

I turn my music up to avoid the sounds of the guy eating on the other side.

Crunch. Crunch. Crunch.

I turn my music up as loud as it can go, but it's no use. Luck

ily, the crunching stops, and he seems to finally be done eating.

And then I hear the sound of a bag popping open followed by another loud crunch.

How much food does this guy have?

I look under the cubicle to find a whole grocery bag overflowing with food. Great.

After a while, I'm able to zone out the crunching. But then, I feel a foot graze my shin. A foot without a shoe. That's it for me. I get up and move to another table to study in silence.

"Get it!" I hear a girl scream. "Kill it!"

I look at the ground to see the largest cockroach I have ever seen in my entire life. The cockroach is running in circles followed by a guy who is desperately trying to step on it.

He, too, is running in circles while being yelled at by the hysteric girl.

Finally, he steps on the bug and kicks it off his shoe onto the floor where it will remain until a custodian inevitably sweeps it up.

So much for a quiet afternoon of studying...