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Miami ‘Moves Along’ and announces spring concert

By Alison Perelman, Assistant Culture Editor

Get ready to throw back to the days of junior high when The All-American Rejects perform on campus.

The band is performing at Spring Concert at 8 p.m. on Saturday, April 30 in Millett Hall.

MAP's board of arts, concerts and entertainment is in charge of the event and chose The All- American Rejects from a list of potential performers.

"We just felt like they were a very recognizable name," said Junior Beth Graham, co-chair of the committee. "You don't have to Google their name and they have a lot of hits that are familiar."

Not only is the band familiar, but the committee thought it fit a popular theme among Miami students.

"They're semi on the throwback lines and that's kind of a big thing that's here, like '90s night is very popular, so we thought that was a good direction to go with," said Graham.

And it seems that they were right.

Students commented on the Instagram post made by Miami expressing excitement and plans to attend. A few recent graduates even said they wished they were still on campus so they could attend, too.

"I haven't heard any music from them in a long time, but it's music that I used to love," senior Maddy Rieman said.

She and senior Tina Beebe discussed how The All-American Rejects were a surprising choice, but agreed that it was a good one due to the age of students now.

MAP plans to make Spring Concert an annual event and hopes that the band will be memorable and help kick-start the success of concerts in years to come. Tickets are on sale now for $15 through Friday and $20 after presale.

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