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Community members join students in intramural hockey

By Elise St. Esprit, For The Miami Student

Hockey has been an integral part of life at Miami University since it was added to the roster of varsity sports in 1978. Students and community members alike enjoy cheering on the teams during their season, and many play for extracurricular enjoyment in Miami's intramural leagues.

Miami's intramural hockey league ranges in skill level from beginners to elite and includes a women's league. Both Miami students and Oxford community members can register a team, giving the league a variety of players.

In the advanced league, one team made up entirely of local community members, Delta House, has been playing in Miami intramurals for several years. Delta House is made up of 15 members, all from the Oxford area.

"I've been here two, three years and they play most seasons," said Ben Chuha, assistant director of student programs at Goggin Ice Center.

The spring season, which is currently in session, runs from March 28 to April 30. Delta House has a 1-3 record, with two tied games as well.

"Personally, I haven't played Delta House, but I have heard about them and that they are a good team," said first year and intramural hockey player Connor Rechin. "They've got a lot of players, which is a good quality for an intramural team, and they bring some extra community fans to intramural games who might not come if it was just students playing."

In the advanced intramural league, there are nine teams. This league is for for teams whose players have played competitive or lower levels of amateur hockey and allow slap shots as well. Most teams play one to two games per week, with practices in between.

Within the league, Delta House is ranked seventh for points scored per game, with 3.17 and fifth for points scored against, with 4.17. In past seasons, the team has been undefeated and won playoff championships.

"I love that Miami allows non-student community members to play. It's a great way to meet new people and it's a different type of competition than playing with other students," said Ben Bustria, a first year student and intramural hockey player.

"In my opinion, it's more casual," said Bustria. "Playing with [Delta House] can be more fun than playing with other students. Some of the student players can take it too seriously at times where as adults are out there more to have a good time playing the game they love, which is why I play and to me that's just great."