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What to do (besides drink) on a warm sunny day in Oxford

The following piece, written by the editorial editors, reflects the majority opinion of the editorial board.

For many Miami University students, the coming of spring to Oxford, Ohio means one thing: everything they had been doing inside for the last four months can now be moved outside. The 70-degree weather thaws the sidewalks and opens the migratory paths from dorm rooms and apartments to the Uptown area. An alcoholic diaspora ensues.

Students who were getting hammered in the snug, dim, stained-wood bars of O'Pub and Stein-keller and the basements of frat houses move topside where they can feel the sun shine on their faces, the breeze on their jersey-clad backs and the scrutiny of the general public and law enforcement.

This natural phenomena began for this first time this year last week during an unnaturally warm Saturday in January and the attitude of students uptown was, to say the least, anarchic.

So instead of shot-gunning cans of Natty in a tree or drinking for honks, here are a few things you can do to enjoy the coming Spring weekends.

Replace that hot coffee with an iced one. Or go for ice cream without worrying about your fin-gers freezing off.

Take a hike. Loop through Bachelor Preserve, walk on Western, or pass some time in Peffer Park - Miami's natural areas contain over 17 miles of trails, so there's plenty of places to explore near campus. Or, if you're feeling especially adventurous, head out to Hueston Woods State Park for the afternoon.

Open up the windows. Let the fresh breeze flow in, replacing the dust-ridden air in your apart-ment. According to the Center for Disease Control, indoor air quality in the United States is worse than outdoor air quality because of toxic fumes ranging from cigarette smoke to lysol cleaner to cooking bacon and eggs and burning toast in a toaster. Take the warm day to air out your stuffy apartment and breathe the fresh air.

Have a picnic. This is a particularly good idea for when you want to ditch an afternoon class. Pick up some bread, cheese, a bottle of wine or some good craft beer and go enjoy the day from the casual comfort of a checkered blanket. Because there's something about eating outside that makes everything taste better.

Lounge in a hammock. Sometimes you just need to soak up the sun. Grab two trees - some of the best are around Bachelor Pond or on top of the bluffs at Peffer Park, but on campus works, too - kick back and relax.

Go for a stroll. Nobody ever just goes for a walk anymore and, like letter writing, this is becom-ing a lost art form.

Drive with your windows down, music blaring. While you're at it, go somewhere you've never been. We recommend a day trip to Cincinnati, where you can browse sidewalk shops, visit the Zoo and Botanical Gardens, catch a Reds game or pick up some produce at the Findlay Market.

Have a bonfire. Despite the afternoon's warm weather, late winter evenings still get chilly. Grab some old blankets to sit on and firewood to burn. Just don't forget the s'mores ingredients!

Whatever your choice, drop everything you are doing and go enjoy the nice day…