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Things we watched, listened to and streamed while we should have been reading our syllabi last week.


"Making a Murderer" exposes inconsistencies and issues regarding the state judicial system and the police who protect citizens. Through the story of Steven Avery, an arguably wrongly convicted murderer, this documentary series highlights wrongdoing and carelessness in the legal system. Guilty or not, the story of Avery is entertaining and intriguing to watch. (Connor Moriarty, photo editor)


I'll be honest, the prospect of seeing Aaron Tveit sing "Sandy" was enough to get me to tune in to FOX's first foray into live musicals. Though he wasn't a perfect Danny Zuko, watching the cast run between sound stages on the Warner Brothers lot was enough fun to make up for it. Julianne Hough left a lot to be desired as Sandy, but Vanessa Hudgens' Rizzo stole the show with a powerful performance in the wake of her father's death the night before. I recommend YouTube-ing "Greased Lightning" or "The Hand Jive," if only for the slick dance moves. (Britton Perelman, managing editor)


The twin tracks on this album feature layered field recordings exclusively of wind. English has long performed technically ambitious recordings and these are the most impressive yet. (Kyle Hayden, design editor)


"Staten Island Summer" won't necessarily be winning Oscars, but the movie is a great hidden gem on Netflix that's worth a view. Written by Saturday Night Live (SNL) comedian Colin Jost and starring other SNL favorites like Cecily Strong and Bobby Moynihan, the movie is a light-hearted comedy that's perfect for a Friday night in with friends. (Abbey Gingras, news editor)


Take two of "Serial" is everything I've been waiting for since Sarah Koenig wrapped up the first solid season in December 2014. As she retraces the controversial steps that led Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl into the hands of the Taliban for five years, Koenig tells Bergdahl's story in a way mainstream media cannot - since he hasn't allowed them any interviews. And, as Bergdahl awaits a trial for his charges, Koenig fills the rest of us in on what really happened ... and why. (Emily Tate, managing editor)


I feel like it's good for people to just read books in general. (Reis Thebault, editor-in-chief)