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Senior superlatives 2015: RedHawk football

As the football season comes to an end, so do the careers of some Miami University players. Miami honored 12 of its seniors in the final home game of the season last weekend.

So The Miami Student surveyed 15 players to find out how much the RedHawks really know about their seniors. Three of the seniors - Drew Kummer, Alvonta Jenkins and Kent Kern - provided their thoughts on the picks.

Alvonta Jenkins, wide receiver: Best beard

Jenkins, on himself: Oh yeah, that's a given.

Kummer: He always has it too. It's nice. I'm jealous.

Kaleb Patterson, kicker: Best nickname

Kummer: Squirrel. He used to have a pet squirrel. He caught one his freshman year … and he had like a muskrat or something.

Kern: I think he used to have a lizard.

Jenkins: Oh, Squirrel? I'm not actually sure where the nickname came from. He does have a pet ferret. So, there's that.

Kent Kern, linebacker: Biggest gym rat

Jenkins: He came in already huge and benching like 400. That's pretty impressive when you come in as a freshman and you bench like 350. I was in awe.

Brison Burris, safety: Best big play celebration

Jenkins: He was the first one to hit that dab on them with a big play.

Kern: Yeah, I think on his pick-6 he did the dab.

Bryce Lehwald, longsnapper: Spends the most time in front of the mirror

Kummer: Dude, his Instagram selfies? Oh my gosh. Every other week.

Kern: Especially when he had his long hair. He had a little mullet going on.

Jenkins: I have class with him. He does work his hair, like try to get his hair right. He'll just sit there and play with his hair, getting it right.

Trevan Brown, offensive line: Could play another Division-I sport

Jenkins: He's good at basketball, I know for sure. But the way he walks - we call him twinkle toes. He kinda skips around.

Joe Donlan, linebacker: Takes his fantasy football team too seriously

Kent: I live with him, he's all about that. Every day, he watches all the games.

Josh Dooley, linebacker: Most likely to be the butt of a joke

Jenkins: It seems everyone gets on Dooley. I don't know why.

Kern: He's just such a nice guy, and so easy-going, he's easy to come at. I think it's his reaction. He gets defensive and takes everything seriously when you say something.

Kummer: Very nice guy. People like to pick on him.

Bryson Albright, defensive lineman: Best hair

Jenkins: Craziest hair? It's debatable. It's definitely unique, I can tell ya that.

Drew Kummer, quarterback: Class clown

Jenkins: He just keeps everything light and keeps everybody lose, that's my motto, too.

Christian Koch, punter: Biggest ladies' man

Jenkins: Yeah, I saw him walking with a little lady once.

Kummer: Well, I was thinking about putting him for best hair.

Mitch Winters, defensive lineman: Human vacuum

Jenkins: I mean, have you seen the guy? He's, like, huge. Under all that gear, there's a solid belly under there. It can hold a mass amount of food.

Kern: Oh yeah, he just won a hot dog eating contest two weeks ago. It was for a student organization that was fighting hunger. He ate like 15 hot dogs in five minutes. It was a team competition, but he had by far the most hot dogs of anyone there.