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Internet outage across campus

By Grace Moody, News Editor

Miami's Oxford campus experienced an Internet outage Wednesday, interfering with academic classes and causing some teachers to cancel class altogether.

The initial outage, which began around 7:20 a.m., was related to the construction of U.S. Hwy. 27, according to a university press release.

Construction crews were cutting a section of the sidewalk on Patterson Avenue, just outside Tappan Hall, and pierced a cable conduit beneath the sidewalk.

While removing the 6-foot square section of sidewalk, the equipment cut through and also removed a 6-foot section from the 48 cables in the conduit. This included the fiber cables from Miami, Oxford and other locations in Butler County.

On Wednesday morning, IT Services notified faculty and students about an outage with Miami's Internet network. Students and faculty received email notifications throughout the day, notifying them of the status of the problem.

While assessing the problem to restore service to campus, IT Services established a connection for Miami through MU Middletown - Dayton - OARnet. Service through this alternate connection was repaired just after 11 a.m.

Yesterday afternoon, IT Services were still receiving reports of students having trouble with the connection. Students and faculty were told that frequent attempts to connect usually result in successful connection.

After assessing the problem, Cincinnati Bell, a Cincinnati-based telephone company, said the system could take up to 24 hours to repair.

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