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Diversity Affairs Council supports victims of ongoing terrorism, abroad and at home


The Diversity Affairs Council (DAC) extends our deepest condolences to those affected by the recent attacks in Paris, Beirut, Baghdad and Syria, as well as our utmost compassion to those in Japan and Mexico shaken by natural disasters. We realize that many of our students - as we all try to prepare for these stressful final weeks of class - will be doing so with a heavy heart, and we offer our love and support.

In light of the selective mourning that has been much criticized in the media over the weekend, we feel that we must affirm that our thoughts are with all of the victims of last week's attacks and disasters, as well as the people who must unfairly suffer the consequences of these extreme actions that were meant to cause division and incite fear.

As the events of Friday night were unfolding, anti-Islamic and/or anti-refugee sentiments fuelled the reactions of many. Ohio is among the list of states whose governors are seeking to refuse asylum to Syrian refugees. We, as a council, will not stand for this type of discrimination or prejudice in our community and beyond.

Let us remind ourselves that the same people responsible for the attack on Friday were also responsible for the lives claimed in Baghdad, Beirut, Paris and Syria. Let us remind ourselves that the same people responsible for these attacks are the very people refugees are fleeing from, that these people have killed over 200,000 innocent Syrian people, displacing many more. We stand firmly with these refugees and the corresponding communities affected in the United States.

We want to emphasize how crucial it is to support each other during times of mourning and distress. We not only express our condolences in the face of lives lost, but also express our support for the Muslim community here and worldwide who are now targeted for the actions of a group that they do not condone. While we support these communities that are under attack overseas, we also strongly support the Concerned Students Union of Miami and students who feel attacked here at home.

We believe that standing with the victims of international terrorism and standing with our peers against anti-Black racism domestically are not mutually exclusive. As DAC, we support multiple communities who may feel disadvantaged and/or judged. We encourage our fellow students to share our sentiments and support all communities that face injustices here and around the world.

Diversity Affairs Council

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