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After vote, Oxford liquor permits to increase

By Rebecca Huff, Senior Staff Writer

Oxford voters granted three more local establishments a permit to sell liquor on Sundays, bringing the total number of Sunday liquor permits in Oxford to 42.

In a low turnout, voters approved Sunday licenses for The Wood's, O'Pub and Left Field Tavern.

Sales at The Wood's carried 61 percent of the vote. But, because of the bar's atmosphere, junior Tommy Parizek, an employee at The Wood's and Left Field Tavern, said the extra day of sales might not make much of a difference.

"I don't think it's going to have that much of an impact," he said.

Parizek said The Wood's has a different atmosphere than O'Pub, which, he said, is more of an "up-scale bar" and Left Field Tavern a "restaurant."

Bar owner Ted Wood said he was unsure what the results of the vote would be.

"I really didn't know what to expect," Wood said. "I am extremely pleased with the results."

According to Wood, the Sunday liquor permit at The Wood's will only be used for certain occasions.

"We will only be utilizing the Sunday privileges on an as needed basis at The Wood's - for instance, sporting events, or on the occasional three-day weekend when there are no classes on Monday," Wood said.

O'Pub carried nearly 80 percent of the vote and Left Field Tavern 76 percent. Alan Kyger, Oxford's economic development director, said these results mean less to the community and more for the businesses.

"Let's say, on a Sunday you want to watch the Bengals game and have a beer, you'll do that regardless. But now, The Wood's and Left Field Tavern will give you another option for you to do that," Kyger said.

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Parizek said the approval of the permits could mean competition for businesses who already sell alcohol on Sundays.

"There's no other place that competes with [Buffalo Wild Wings] for a Sunday football atmosphere," Parizek said.

Only 102 people cast votes on the issues for O'Pub and Left Field Tavern last Tuesday and just 32 for The Wood's. Kyger said the low turnout is not unusual.

"Historically, Miami students register to vote when it's a presidential year, but it being a non-presidential year with only local items to vote on, I'm actually almost surprised there were that many voters in that area," Kyger said.

With the lowest turnout of all locations, The Wood's is in what Kyger described as a student residential district, meaning few non-student community members could vote on the option.

Sophomore Matt DaCosta said he doesn't think the results will affect many, but he said it's nice to have the option.

"It won't impact my Sunday but I think people should have the choice," he said. "I would choose no; but the choice should be there."