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Requirements and fees preface graduation

By Nick Ramsey, For The Miami Student

College is filled with all sorts of applications. There are applications to get into college, to join student organizations, to find an internship or your first job. For seniors, the light at the end of the tunnel is in reach.

- Not so fast.

Before graduates toss their caps in Yager Stadium this spring, there is one more application to be completed: a graduation application. Without applying to graduate, seniors cannot earn their degrees.

Graduation may seem distant, but the application window has already begun. In fact, students can apply up to four terms in advance.

"Having the application completed early gives the student and the academic division a chance to review the degree audit and allows the academic divisions the ability to verify that everything is on-track for graduation," said Amber Beal, assistant registrar for certification processes.

Senior Daniel DeGenova will graduate in May and has already applied to graduate.

"I applied about a month ago because I knew I was going to be graduating and didn't want to potentially forget," said DeGenova.

After a student applies, the application is reviewed to ensure the student is applying for a degree and major they are able to graduate with and that their diploma name has no errors, said Beal.

Once the application has been submitted, students are responsible for a $35 application fee for each major, which covers the diploma, diploma cover, and other costs associated with graduation. The fee is a one-time cost, so if a student does not graduate when they intended, they will not be charged to reapply.

"It's kind of ridiculous they have to charge you more to apply but I understand," said DeGenova, "I think because you're graduating and you put in your 4 years you shouldn't have to pay for you diploma."

It is a challenge to spread the word about graduation applications, but very few students miss the deadline, said Beal.

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DeGenova said if his roommate had not told him he had to apply to graduate he might not have known.

"I would expect something to be on Niihka or BannerWeb, but it's not due until February. If they didn't have anything as it gets closer, I think that would be a problem," he said.

Senior Katherine McGill, said she has not applied because she has not had the time, but knew she had to apply on BannerWeb because a friend told her.

"I would say about half my friends know about them but I don't think the majority do," said McGill. "I think the university could do a better job alerting seniors about it, maybe by sending a few more emails with the dates you have to apply by."

The application deadline for students graduating in December is Oct. 30, while seniors graduating in May have until Feb. 26.

"If a student does not make the deadline, however, the student will need to speak with their division to request permission to apply after the deadline," said Beal.