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Violence is inevitable, it is naive to think otherwise


Mr. Milam's discourse about Islam, President Obama, Ahmed Mohammed and a host of others does a disservice to all of them.

His article leads a reader to assume that thousands of lives lost to Islamic terrorism around the world would have never happened if the current commander in chief and others before him would have flown to a place like Damascus and had a hand-holding event with those who have sworn, based on their faith, to kill us.

Perhaps he is in a position to think this way because he has had no life experience with violence, its causes or its cure - if there is one. I suggest he listen to Alan Jackson's song, "Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning that September Day" and rethink the premise of his writing.

His belief that "my violence caused your violence" and that violence would stop, willingly, by one party or the other is absurd.

I sit in graduate school with Muslim friends who have often said that they are afraid of radicalized Muslims. One individual recently shared with me that she had been physically threatened by one of these "wackos" simply because she opted to sit in a class at a major American university. Perhaps Mr. Milam could sit down with her adversary and negotiate some sort of peaceful settlement. Until then, all of Americans needs to know and come to grips with the fact that there is a large group of Islamists, all of whom are Muslims, who have sworn to kill us simply because of who we are - us.

I don't envision that any of them will be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, as was Commander in Chief, President Obama. Then again, maybe they will. As we all know, it's a free country.

Lee Fisher