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IT services keeps campus online

By Abigail Kelly, Senior Staff Writer

From helping students with their computer issues, operating online resources and managing the campus wireless network, Miami's IT services plays a critical role in the university's infrastructure.

With a large technology system like Miami's, Assistant Vice President of End-User Services Annie Pagura works with her team to help the community they serve.

Even though some people on campus see IT services as a headache, the specialists are constantly working to improve the future use of technology on campus.

"The goal for us is to provide our constituents with the quickest and easiest path to find a solution," said Pagura.

Pagura received her undergraduate degree in social work from Ohio State University. Now her job is to advocate for the users of IT services.

"I kind of fell into this path of helping people through technology because people can do really great things if they have really good technical support," said Pagura.

For example, when Canvas crashed last Tuesday, it was important to Pagura that a message was sent out to students and faculty. Pagura said she believes that the communication aspect is a balancing act, but is something they strive to make better.

"We want to try to communicate as quickly as we can, be as open as we can about what we know about it so that folks don't sit on hold for a while on a problem," she said.

Pagura said IT services staff has been working on continuous improvements to best serve the community since current vice president for IT, JP Natale, came to Miami in 2013.

"He is bringing transparency," she said. "I think over the course of this next year and following subsequent years, you will be seeing more transparency coming out of IT services," said Pagura. "You are going to see more client engagement."

IT services' new goal of client engagement includes improving their communication with the community and talking to areas of the university to see how technology can help them reach their future goals.

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"We are doing this continuous improvement and that is the engagement that we are hoping to get from students and staff," said Pagura. "But our real value will come if the people come in and engage with us.