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Housekeepers make dorms feel like home

By Rebecca Huff, Senior Staff Writer

Many people contribute to and maintain Miami's picturesque appearance. Kim Durham, building and grounds assistant, is one of them.

Durham has worked at Miami for 13 years. She started in Dining Services at Shriver, but transferred to housekeeping last year.

While her primary task is maintaining McFarland Hall, she makes it her responsibility to take care of her students like they're her own family.

"We call ourselves the McFamily," Durham said.

Several students who have long since graduated from Miami still stop by to see her when they visit Oxford. She even had two of her international residents from China spend Christmas with her one year.

"I maintain a close contact with quite a few of them," Durham said.

She also recalled a time when somebody stopped her in the hallway simply to thank her for everything she does.

Durham works hard to provide a loving and caring atmosphere in McFarland. She regularly checks in with her students to see how they're doing and how their day is going. And if someone is injured, she makes sure they have everything they need.

"If it weren't for the kids, we wouldn't have a job," Durham said. "I look forward to my day."