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Changing bus routes cause confusion, frustration

By Rachel Reeves, The Miami Student

Miami University's new bus route system is causing confusion and resentment among some students because of the recent delays and route changes.

The current route for most of the fixed route buses has been significantly delayed, without much explanation given to students, except through delays and new route pamphlets.

Both the Butler County Regional Transit Authority (BCRTA) and Miami University's Parking and Transportation Services are in a contract together to maintain the bus system.

The delays themselves, according to Connor Brigs, the operations manager with BCRTA, are caused "entirely by the closure of Chestnut Avenue due to construction."

Additionally, Brigs said the university holds roundtable discussions to hear complaints and determine bus route changes every semester.

According to the Miami University website, students pay a transit fee of $132 per year. Matt Grudzinski, the Chief Operating Officer of the BCRTA said the university provides between $1.6 million and $1.7 million per year to the BCRTA in order to maintain the transportation system.

Some students, like senior Nick Thomas, believe this fee is too high for the quality of the services provided by the university.

"We are expecting a service, and if we are not getting the service that is promised to us, we should not have to pay what we are expected to pay," Thomas said.

Thomas also expressed concern about the impact on academics these bus delays could have.

"When you have academic classes that you are already paying for, and you miss your instruction because of the late buses - which, as far as we're concerned, is school-run - [you are] paying double for a class that you are missing."

To avoid missing class himself, he allots 15 extra minutes for bus travel. Thomas said he realizes this may not be feasible for everyone.

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Senior Cieria Godin has had a more pleasant experience with the bus system. As a student who takes the U3 bus primarily, which goes to Kroger, Godin said she has not had any bad experiences with that particular bus route.

She also said she has not suffered any kind of academic setback because of the bus system. However, she does agree that the route changes that the university has gone through over the last three years has led to instability.

"I'm just tired of the changes, and not having enough stability in the routes," she said. "It is a Miami issue, not just Butler County."