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Campus security keeps regionals safe

By Rebecca Huff, Senior Staff Writer

Miami's campus security makes it possible for students to study in a safe and peaceful environment.

"[We want] to make sure nobody breaks in or nobody is on campus that shouldn't be on campus," said Chris Baker, a security guard for the regional campuses.

Baker has three associates and is on his way to earning degrees in political science and history at Indiana University East. He has been working at Miami for the past year.

Campus security isn't all about looking for illegal parkers. They are responsible for securing campus buildings and handling disorderly conduct complaints.

"Some people yell obscenities at us, they yell at the professors and faculty, too," Baker said.

The disruptions have been so severe that campus security has had to escort the student perpetrators out of the building.

Despite all the hassle Baker goes through, he still finds the job rewarding.

"My favorite part is being outside and keeping people out of handicapped spaces that aren't supposed to be there and keeping traffic cleared," Baker said.

Campus security works around the clock, every day, including holidays.

"If we weren't here, [students] wouldn't know if someone was hiding in the buildings, if their cars were being broken into or stolen," Baker said.

Campus security does not have the power to arrest offenders, but, Baker said, the officers are crucial in keeping the campus and students safe.

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