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Two-minute drill: Sam Shisso

Position: Wide Receiver

Year: Senior

Hometown: Charlotte, North Carolina

How long have you been playing football? Have you always been a receiver?

Since 7th grade. In middle school, I was the tight end and the defensive end. Receiver is my favorite, but tight end taught me how to block and defensive end taught me how to be physical and hit people.

Favorite Miami Memory

The game last year where we broke the losing streak. It was crazy, we started off really bad. We were down, like, 41-14 at the half, so that was pretty discouraging. But we came back. We just kept fighting, defense kept stopping, offense kept driving the ball down the field. It literally came down to the last minute. It was weird because they were on our 5 and could've called a timeout and kicked a field goal and won the game, but they tried to go for the touchdown and one of our guys made the tackle and they barely made it. We all rushed the field, it was pretty nice.

If you could spend a day with anyone dead or alive, who would it be?

Either of my two favorite artists. Lecrae or Toby Mac.

Funniest teammate

We've got some characters. Funniest overall is probably Orlando Davis. He does it all. He tells jokes, he raps, he tries to sing.

Pregame rituals

After breakfast I'll sleep a little bit, take a shower. I always take a shower before we leave. That's it. I'll listen to music, chill. I'm not superstitious.

Secret non-sports-related talent

I like to cook. I don't consider myself a chef, but I can make some good stuff. I know my way around the kitchen.

What do you cook?

Anything, really. Mostly pasta, baked stuff. Whatever comes to mind, really. Whatever I have in the fridge.


Teleport. Being able to be anywhere, anytime.