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Police (04/28/15)

Intoxicated Miami student charged with assault

At 10:02 p.m. Saturday, OPD was dispatched to 207 W. Church St. in response to an assault in progress.

The alleged assailant, a 23-year-old Miami University student, fled the scene before officers arrived. OPD spoke with the victim, who claimed he was engaged in a verbal argument with the male when the suspect began punching him in the face.

The victim described the aggressor as "very intoxicated," and quoted him saying, among other things, "If I ever see or talk to you again, I'll fucking kill you." These threats were corroborated by a roommate who was witness to the altercation and recalled hearing, "I'm going to kill you."

According to the complainant, after the assault, the manic suspect yanked a garbage bag containing glass bottles from a nearby receptacle and began violently smashing it against the ground near the victim's car. While the victim claimed the suspect attempted to slash his tires with a shard of glass, OPD determined all four tires were unscathed, though a halo of broken glass surrounded the vehicle.

The suspect had left the scene in a grey Toyota to his residence at Oxford Commons, where he was apprehended the next day thanks to an anonymous tip. Having no recollection of the past night's events, the suspect patiently listened to OPD's account and "respectfully refused to answer any questions," according to OPD. He was charged with assault and taken to Butler County Jail.

Woman confronted by man while walking alone

At 3:32 a.m. Friday, officers responded to the Oxford Post Office, 5145 Brown Rd., in response to an alleged assault.

After a night Uptown and a brief visit with friends on N. College Ave., the victim was walking alone to her residence at Hawks Landing, further down Brown Rd. when she claimed to have been approached from behind by an unknown black male. The suspect placed his hand on her shoulder and reached across her chest. Frightened, the female whipped around to face the man who said, "Hi." The female screamed and shoved the man, who, in response, pushed her and fled toward W. Sycamore St.

The victim described the man as possibly college-aged and sporting what might have been cornrows. According to OPD, the female was unsure of the male's intentions, as he did not reach for her purse or make explicit sexual advances. Indeed, despite being grabbed, the female said no contact was sexual.

The following day, OPD received a call from another female who, also walking alone to Hawks Landing, claimed she was followed on W. Sycamore St. by a white SUV when a male occupant offered her a ride. She declined, and after progressing down Brown Rd. was approached by a different male who she believed may have been "hiding behind a bush." He allegedly followed the female to her apartment while attempting to make conversation. She shut and locked the door in his face and he left. According to OPD, the male in question matched the description of the suspect from the night before - though in the more recent incident, he wore a hoodie.

According to OPD, the officer believes the incidents related. There is a suspect; he is not a Miami student. The investigation is ongoing.

Crew of shoplifters taken to Butler County Jail

At 1:53 a.m. Friday, OPD responded to Walmart, 5720 College Corner Pike, in response to a female shoplifter in custody.

According to reports, the female and two male companions attempted to buy beer, underwear, jeans and T-shirts. As it was past 1 a.m., Walmart could not sell the trio alcohol, and after learning this, they stated they weren't going to buy anything. Employees told them to leave the merchandise in their cart. However, the female said, "We aren't rude people," and insisted on putting back the merchandise herself. This was, however, a ruse, and as she meandered around the store "replacing" merchandise, she shoved Grand Theft Auto, a PS3 remote and a PS3 headset in her purse, according to OPD.

Upon arrival, officers were distracted by a male's loud argument with store employees. The officer immediately identified the argumentative man as a "frequent flyer" and asked for ID. The male handed the officer an Ohio driver's license belonging to someone else. The officer told the male he knew who he was and had interacted with him in the past. Still, the male insisted he was who the license said he was.

As the officer held the ID, the male was able to state his "name." When asked "his" birthday, the suspect asked to see the ID. The officer moved to handcuff him, but the suspect immediately vamoosed toward the exit. After a few steps, the officer tackled the suspect and handcuffed him on the ground. In so doing, the pair broke the antitheft sensor that caught the female and for which Walmart is seeking restitution. Officers found his state ID, as his driver's license is "perpetually suspended," and discovered an active warrant for his arrest out of Middletown.

Unprompted, the female explained she doesn't like using a cart, and prefers the zipped depths of her purse. After the officer told her she was seen perusing the store, all the while pushing a cart, the suspect handed the officer her credit card and offered to pay for the merchandise, totaling $117. She claimed to work at Bob Evan's, and since it was past midnight she had "probably" been paid and could afford her purse's bounty.

As she had passed all points of sale, this tactic shockingly did not work, and it took two officers to handcuff the woman, who was charged with theft and resisting arrest. The male was charged with certain acts prohibited and obstructing official business. They were taken to Butler County Jail.