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Letter to the Editor | Sweeping incident at Wells Hall under the rug is unacceptable

I am deeply troubled by lack of coverage over the incident that transpired over Easter weekend. President Hodge's email to the student body was not enough. His inaction to give sufficient details on the incident left me with an impression of someone trying to sweep a hateful act under the rug. Who is he trying to protect? Racists, homophobes and anti-semites? Why not protect the people who were deeply affected by those terrible comments posted in Wells Hall and the unnamed fraternities. I believe that Hodge's vagueness in his email to the student body could be seen as an attempt to try to cover the fact that we have a very serious issue with racism, sexism, religious intolerance and homophobia here at Miami University. This wasn't a one time incident. Throughout the school year I've read about instances in this very paper about racist acts brought against students who attend this institution.

I was also very disappointed to see that The Miami Student failed to give this incident sufficient coverage. I was shocked when I picked up the Tuesday edition and saw absolutely no mention of the event at all. Was this incident a black mark on Miami University's reputation? Without a doubt. However, I do not believe we should value our reputation over the safety and respect of others. By sweeping this incident under the rug, minorities are getting the message that we as a university are uninterested in protecting their rights; and those who are perpetrating the hateful crimes against those minorities are receiving the message that it is acceptable for them to be hateful toward others.

I only hope that within the near future genuine discussions on race, sex, gender and religion will come to surface. I also hope that The Miami Student does what I've always known it to do and right this wrong. I hope that the Friday edition thoroughly reports on the hate graffiti that was found around campus. Though the graffiti was a terrible act to have occurred, I think a purposeful, important discussion on race, sexual orientation, religious tolerance and gender equality can come from it. However, it is up to us to be willing to lift the rug and deal with what is underneath.

Haley Young