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Letter to the Editor | April Fools’ Day prank fell short of funny, showed ignorance

Following the April Fools' piece on the Miami Wire about parking tickets, I am deeply troubled by President David Hodge's disrespectful and troubling actions. Thus, I write this letter to President Hodge,

As a graduate student and employee of Miami University, I am deeply disturbed and troubled by your childish humor using stockades as a crude April Fools' joke.

Given the historical implications and ramifications with stockades involving slavery and other actions of abhorrent oppression, this is incredibly problematic. Every day, people of color face blatant discrimination and microaggressions. For Miami University to use a symbol of oppression as mockery is entirely inappropriate and serves only to further marginalize the students of color at Miami, students who already feel a lack of belonging here (as evidenced by the recent article in The Miami Student, on the front page, no less) and everyday racism.

Do better, President Hodge. An apology and history lesson is warranted in this case. Email President Hodge at

Miami Wire has since changed the wording from "stockades" to "time-out chairs."

Rebecca Frost