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Schwayze brought sold-out audience back to middle school

By Annabel Brooks, For The Miami Student

Photo by Lauren Olson, Photography Editor

Summertime came to Oxford a little early last Wednesday when rapper Shwayze took the Brick Street stage and brought with him some California sunshine. Playing throwback hits like "Corona and Lime" and newer, trendy songs like "Love is Overrated," Shwayze made everyone in the crowd have a good time and forget the cold and snowy weather outside.

Alec Motter, who organized the private side stage party, raved about the concert, saying that the night ended up being a huge success.

"It was really cool watching Shwayze sing a lot of the songs that for a lot of us were the anthems of our summers," Motter said. "He put on a great show and he was very down to earth when I met him."

The concert definitely brought a lot of nostalgia to the Brick Street crowd. Senior Jen Palladino attended the event to honor her memories of listening to Shwayze in middle school.

"The concert brought back lots of middle school memories," Palladino said. "It felt like I was on the beach, which was a nice change of pace from the actual weather in Oxford."

The show was sponsored by Red Bull, who promoted a new drink, Red Bull Yellow Edition with special yellow trashcans featuring their new product. The drinks were a hit and could be spotted everywhere on the dance floor.

"Because of the Red Bull promotions we got to try the new type of trash can, which was unreal," Motter said.

Even though Shwayze went on late, DJ Drew Davis kept the crowd excited from when the doors opened until Shwayze's own DJ took the stage with some great mixes. The crowd Shwayze's performance drew was incredible, with a packed dance floor and lines out the door, the concert was definitely a hit.

"There were tons of people," junior Sam Scherman, who worked the event, said. "It was practically impossible to move around, but clearly everyone was having a great time."

The concert was just another in the string of performances sponsored by Red Bull and put forth by Mark and Will Weisman, co-owners of Brick Street.

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