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Rollins, others showcase skills as 2015 NFL draft hopefuls

Photo by Lauren Olson, Photography Editor

Quinten Rollins will be selected in the 2015 NFL Draft. It's just a matter of how high, which team pulls the trigger and what position he plays.

NFL scouts from 12 teams were in attendance for Miami University's Pro Day, and Rollins was the main attraction.

"His background is a once every 15 years type of thing," Bengals scout Brayden Coombs said. "He's intriguing. You want to see him as much as possible so that you can kind of add to the small sample size that you have on tape … I think he's got a chance to be a pretty good player."

Rollins said he's already talked to almost every NFL team.

"I'd say 30 of the 32 have talked to me," Rollins said. "It's hard to keep track because there are so many different teams. But I've talked to at least 30, if not all 32."

Coombs said it only takes one team to fall in love with a player and snatch them up on draft day.

"It only takes one team," Coombs said. "I won't tell you exactly where we [the Bengals] have him, but I think, without question he is going to be drafted."

Rollins' draft range ceiling might match up with that of Jimmie Ward, a safety who was drafted by the San Francisco 49ers with the 30th pick out of Northern Illinois University in last year's NFL Draft.

"I think that's a pretty good comparison," Coombs said. "A little bit different position-wise, but coming from the conference and about the same level of hype I would say. I would say that's probably fairly realistic. That's more towards the top end in my opinion, but it's possible."

One source said Rollins should be off the board by the end of round three (day two of the draft). The vast majority of mock drafts have Rollins gone by then as well, but Coombs wouldn't guarantee that.

"It's a deep corner class," Coombs. "I would never want to say it's a lock he goes on day two, but, realistically, once he gets to camp none of that stuff matters anyway. It's all fun to talk about, but it has no effect on how he ends up doing next year."

As for Rollins, he does not care where he is drafted.

"I don't care at all," Rollins said. "I'm just ready to get to a team, get learning and get to progressing in my technique and skills. And then just go from there."

Rollins went from point guard to cornerback in one season, and might have another position change in the NFL. He said teams have looked at him at cornerback, nickel back and safety.

"I've had some safety talk, even some nickel talk," Rollins said. "Some teams saying they'll start me at nickel and move me outside. Or start me at safety and move me outside. I'm open to playing where ever. I feel like I'm a versatile player. Any opportunity I get, I'm going to be ready for it."

Coombs agreed with Rollins' versatility.

"I don't want to say too much about where I see him personally, but I think he is versatile, and he's definitely got the potential to play," Coombs said. "Which of those three spots, time will tell. But I think he has the potential to be a player, and that's the main thing."

Rollins elected to stand on his Combine numbers, running only position drills at Miami's Pro Day. He posted a 4.57 40-yard dash time at the Combine, a time a bit lower than ideal for a cornerback. Still, Rollins was satisfied with his 40-time and had no interest in running again.

"I'm trying to get back to football," Rollins said. "I'm not a track star. I didn't want to come out here and run a 40. I'm trying to get better at football. There are things in my game that I need to improve on other than my 40. At the end of the day, it's about playing football in between the lines. They don't time you when you it's time to go in the air and get the ball."

Rollins wasn't the only former Miami player at the Pro Day. Dawan Scott ran drills with the wide receivers after playing both WR and running back last season. He posted a 4.51 40 time. Scott, quarterback Andrew Hendrix, tight end Alex Welch, WR David Frazier and CB Lo Wood are hoping to make it to the NFL as well.

"Everybody here, really, had a pretty good day," Coombs said. "It'll be interesting to see. Nobody else is going to get drafted. But there will guys who get camp invites. And what happens from there is always timing and situation based."

Coombs said Welch and Hendrix's Notre Dame pedigree helps to get the attention of scouts.

Hendrix felt he performed well and is looking forward to hopefully hearing from some teams.

"Everyone likes to hear their name called [on draft day], but regardless, I put in the work," Hendrix said. "I couldn't have worked any harder. At the end of the day, I'm proud of that."

If Hendrix can't make it in the NFL, he'll still have his fallback option of medical school.

The NFL Draft starts with the first round on Thursday, April 30, the second and third rounds on Friday, May 1 and then rounds four through seven Saturday.

"I haven't really thought about it yet," Rollins said. "It's definitely in the back of my mind, but I'm trying to be great. I'm not just trying to be another guy who passes through and gets thrown by the wayside."