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Allyson's Essentials

I tend to think of my stuff the same way Alton Brown views his Kitchen. “The only uni-tasker I allow in my Kitchen is a fire extinguisher!” I’m a very practical person when it all comes down to it, and I’m pretty good at talking myself out of buying frivolities. Not to say I lead a Spartan existence, which means there is some fat that could be trimmed. So without further ado, here are my 10 things I could not live without.


  1. A paper and pen. Yes I’m counting them as one thing, a pen without paper is a sad pen indeed.
  1. Long sleeved shirts. Are you hot? Roll up the sleeves. Getting cold? Roll them back down.
  1. Jeans. Jeans are just wonderful things.
  1. Fleece Blanket. Keeps you warm when you need it.
  1. Multitool. I don’t know how many times my multitool got me out of a jam.
  1. Bookbag. Great for putting things in like books, pen, paper, groceries, multitools….
  1. A hair brush for obvious frizzy tangle-ly reasons.
  1. Tooth brush and Toothpaste. Got to keep my pearly whites, pearly white.
  1. A good book to kill time and spiders.
  1. My hat. Because a good wool hat is just a necessity.