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Two students robbed on street at knife point

OPD warns students against walking home alone

The Oxford Police Department arrested two suspects who attempted to rob two Miami students at knife point early Sunday morning, Feb. 8, shortly after 1:30 a.m. The students were walking home from their residence after being out earlier that evening.

The suspects were driving in a minivan and stopped near the corner of Collins and Poplar streets. The female suspect got out of the van with a knife and demanded money from the student victims. The male suspect remained in the driver's seat of the car. After the suspects pulled away, the students called 911 and Oxford police officers located and arrested the suspects minutes later, several blocks away.

The suspects were taken to Butler County Jail. The female involved was charged with aggravated robbery and the male that remained in the car at the time of the robbery was charged with complicity.

According to OPD Sergeant Jon Varley, the crime was out of the ordinary and there was no pattern involved with this type of robbery.

Police remind students and others to walk in pairs or groups at night and to be aware of their surroundings at all times. Most importantly, the police urge all citizens to call 911 if you see someone acting suspiciously.

"As in any situation, the biggest precaution you can take is to always know what's going on around you," Varley said.

In addition, BCRTA SafeRide provides a safe escort for persons traveling alone during evening hours. The service operates until 3 a.m. Monday through Saturday nights and 1 a.m. on Sunday night. Students can call BCRTA at (513) 785-5237 or toll-free (855) 42-BCRTA for this service.

"It's scary to think that something like this can happen in Oxford," junior Alexa Berry, who lives in a house off campus, said. "It seems like the safest place in the world, but now I'm nervous to walk home by myself."