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Police Beat (02/24/15)

Through the "licking" glass

At 11:05 p.m. Feb. 21, an officer was approaching the intersection of Main and High Street. He observed the light turn green for east and westbound traffic at that intersection. At that time, he watched a male cross the street in the middle of open traffic. The officer stopped the male and asked him why he had crossed into oncoming traffic to which the male replied that he was "trying to stop the Asians from crossing the street and being hit by a car." There were no Asian individuals present at the scene. The officer noticed the male had the odor of an alcoholic beverage and his eyes were bloodshot and glassy. While the officer filled out a citation for the male, he noticed the subject's behavior became more erratic. He appeared to be talking to someone next to him that was not present and kept referring to the Chinese New Year. The subject could not tell the officer where he lived and was transported to the police department. While in the booking room of OPD, he began yelling derogatory terms at the officers and started to lick the glass on the booking room door. The male was charged with Disorderly Conduct and Public Intoxication.

Nana said no

At 2:45 a.m. Feb. 21, an officer was on foot patrol Uptown assisting the fire department when he observed a male standing in the alley adjacent to CJ's bar with an open container of alcohol. The male noticed the officer's presence and attempted to conceal the drink inside his jacket. He then began to walk away from the officer. The officer stopped the male and removed the drink from his jacket. He asked the male how old he was to which the subject stated 15 years old. He walked the juvenile back to the police department and searched his pockets. The officers discovered a Ziploc bag containing 22 grams of marijuana as well as a pack of Marlboro Red cigarettes. He also found the juvenile's brother's ID on his person. The juvenile was cited for Underage Persons and Possession of an Illegal Substance. After calling his grandmother, the juvenile informed the officer his grandmother was unwilling to come pick him up. He was transported to the juvenile detention center in Hamilton, Ohio.

Brick Street bash

At 12:48 a.m. Feb. 21, an officer responded to a call reporting a fight at Brick Street Bar. The caller said a male became violent as the bar employees escorted him out of the bar. The caller then stated the male shattered the front door window of the establishment. When the officer arrived on the scene, the bar employees directed him to an alley near the bar where the male had run. The officer chased down the subject and placed him in handcuffs. An Apple iPhone was found on the male, which was linked to a theft that occurred earlier that night. The officers noticed the male was bleeding from where he had punched out the window and he was transported to McCullough-Hyde hospital. After he received six stitches, the male was taken to the police department where the theft was further investigated. He was cited with Obstructing Official Business. He was transported to Butler County Jail.