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Police Beat (02/10/15)

Male found with drug paraphernalia

At 11 p.m. Feb. 1, officers were dispatched to 201 E. Vine St. in reference to an unresponsive male. The caller informed dispatch they believed the male may have overdosed because there was drug paraphernalia around him and he was unresponsive. The officers arrived on the scene just prior to the arrival of the life squad. One of the officers observed the male passed out on the floor of the basement's laundry room. He was rolled over onto his side, but he was still breathing. The life squad then entered the laundry room and the male was identified. After the EMTs woke the male up, he was uncooperative. He refused to answer their questions and became belligerent, yelling expletives at the officers and members of the life squad. The male became violent and began to push the EMTs away, to which the officers ordered him to stay still and remain on the ground. The officers located a glass smoking pipe in the pocket of the male's jacket that was lying near where the male had been found. The officer asked the male if he had ingested any drugs, to which he responded that he only smoked marijuana. The officers routinely searched the male and discovered a container of marijuana along with a container containing Adderall on his person. When the officers asked him if he had a weapon on him, the male became evasive. He told the officers that "we are going to see if I have a weapon." At that point, the officers handcuffed the male and informed him that he was being detained for officers' safety. The male was charged with Disorderly Conduct, Drug Possession and Possession of Marijuana Drug Paraphernalia.

A fake fight and two Natty Lights

At 2:30 a.m. Feb. 1, an officer observed a white male walking in the parking lot of McCullough-Hyde hospital. The male was staggering and carrying a red plastic solo cup. The officers on duty questioned him to which he was uncooperative and unable to speak clearly. He was unsure of his whereabouts. The officers noticed the male smelled strongly of alcohol and asked him to show his identification. Upon discovering that the male's ID was fictitious, the officers transported the male down to the police station. While in the booking room, the male began to voluntarily talk about his night without being prompted by the officer. He explained to the officer that he had been at the hospital because his fraternity brother had been in a fight earlier that night and he was bringing him there because he had been hurt. The officers asked the male if he could verify his friend had been at the hospital and he stated that his friend never went to the hospital. The officers asked the male how much alcohol he had consumed that night and he stated "two low alcoholic beers," which he clarified to be two cans of Natural Light. The male was cited for Sales To and Use By Underage Persons.