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The Gyro Concept to remain closed, with no set opening date

Uptown's The Gyro Concept advertises its opening, but remains closed after a year of misleading posts on their Facebook page.

Photo by Lauren Kiggins, For The Miami Student

By Rebecca Huff, For The Miami Student

The Gyro Concept was supposed to take the streets of Oxford but after a year, the 26 W. High Street location remains vacant.

"I've heard from other friends that they are staying closed because they opened too many franchises at once and didn't have enough money to finish it," urban and regional planning student, Michele Turner said.

According to The Gyro Concept's Facebook page, the business is aiming for a December opening in Oxford. The Gyro Concept announced that roughly a year ago.

With the plan of opening within the next month, the franchise hired their first set of employees, but time and time again the restaurant had to push back their opening date.

Three months later, The Gyro Concept posted, we are hoping to be open in 10 days.

The restaurant posted pictures on their Facebook page under the tag 95 percent complete.

It has been nine months since the post and The Gyro Concept is still not opening soon.

The Gyro Concept did not respond to calls, but rather by Facebook message.

"The rumor [of staying closed] is not true. We do not have a scheduled date for opening yet," The Gyro Concept said. "Unfortunately, we have had many issues arise at that location and most were out of our control."

After attempting to contact The Gyro Concept about the issues they faced, they did not respond.

The Gyro Concept uses Greek inspired foods such as the Gyro, pronounced as euro, but with an American twist like the GBLT (gyro BLT) and the Philly gyro.

"It sounds amazing and I would love to have a gyro in between classes," Junior Alex Randall said, after hearing about the new restaurant for the first time.

While these gyros are not in Oxford's future anytime soon, the taunting "Coming Soon" sign has remained in the restaurant's window.