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Police Beat (12/05/2014)

Drunken difficulties

At 1:19 am Thursday, officers were dispatched to an apartment in response to a call from the residents that there was an unknown male attempting to pick the lock. Upon arrival, the officers found a male student asleep on the apartment's third-floor landing. The officers woke him up, though he was very confused by his surroundings and had sluggish movements and slurred speech. When asked where he lived, the male pointed to apartment number 12 and stated, "Right there, number 36." The male was unable to comprehend that the number 12 was not, in fact, 36. The officers observed that he had black X's on his hands, and upon obtaining his license, found he was only 19 years old. He was escorted to the police car while an officer took his keys to apartment 36 of the complex. The keys fit the door, so the officer returned them to the male. He was cited with Offenses Involving Underage Persons and released. The officers watched the male walk to his apartment, where he began pounding on the door. The officers again approached the male, who stated he did not have his keys. The officers reminded him he had clipped them to his belt, at which point the male was finally able to gain access to his apartment.

Sticky situation

At 2:44 p.m. Thursday, a male student reported that the previous Saturday he had gone to his car and found it had been tampered with. When police arrived, he reported that he had observed shredded cheddar cheese scattered around his backseat. He then noticed that there was a 3-way from Skyline Chili on the ground, in addition to various items from his trunk of his car, prompting him to check his trunk, which had been filled with items from a recent camping trip. He noticed that matches and packages of graham crackers, Hershey's chocolate and marshmallows were all missing. He also noticed that the floor mat of the trunk had been removed and stated he believed the suspect had lit a fire in the trunk of his car to make s'mores. The officer agreed upon observing the melted plastic molding inside the trunk. Photographs of the damage were taken by the officers.