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Timeflies comes ‘All The Way’ back to Brick

By Rachel Tracey, For The Miami Student

Timeflies first performed at Miami in the spring of 2011. And since, they have ranked second on iTunes charts for their September 2011 album "The Scotch Tape." Timeflies is returning to Brick Street Wednesday.

Timeflies is a music duo that uploads covers and freestyle raps on YouTube every Tuesday. Cal Shapiro and Rob Resnick met at Tufts University in 2007 at a party. Resnick, also known as "Rez," asked Shapiro to join his funk band, The Ride. After The Ride broke up, Rez and Shapiro stayed together and created their own music style.

"Miami is our favorite school to play at," Shapiro said. "Our first time performing there was at Green Beer Day in 2011."

You may know Timeflies from their freestyles they have done. Normally, they will put topics in a hat and Shapiro will rap as he pulls out the topics. Some of their most popular freestyles include their cover of "Cool Kids," "Wayward Sons" and "Don't Stop Believing."

"I have a real problem remembering words," Shapiro said. "So, my fall back is free styling."

Those attending the concert will be streamed on and have the opportunity to type in a freestyle topic. This topic will pop up on a screen inside Brick Street that Shapiro will rap about.

This concert sold out online within minutes, but Mark Weisman, owner of Brick Street, said there will be some tickets still available the day of the concert.

"We work in a studio for hours," Resnick said. "To hear thousands of people sing those songs is awesome."

Shapiro and Resnick say this concert is going to be bigger than their past performances at Miami.

"It's going to be the best party of our whole tour," Shapiro said. "Brick Street is our favorite venue to play at because they do something every year to improve it. They don't let the bar wear down, they keep making it better. Plus the girls there are very good looking."

Shapiro and Rez look forward to going to Bagel & Deli and getting the Crunch and Munch while in Oxford.

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"Anytime you put Doritos in anything is just awesome," Shapiro said.

In the next two to three years fans can expect to see more music being produced that is bigger and better than before.

"Performing up on stage is like the end of 'Toy Story' for an hour," Shapiro said.

"It's like the speech in 'Braveheart,'" Rez added. "It's indescribable"

Miami students are eager for the performance as well.

"I am so overly excited for this concert," Katrina Wagner, Miami sophomore, said. "I have been a fan for years and I am so excited they take the time to perform here for us students."