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Police Beat (11/11/14)

Costume brawl at Brick Street

At 5 p.m. Thursday, an officer went to the lobby of OPD in response to a female student who wished to make a report. She stated that she was involved in an altercation in the middle of the dance floor at Brick Street Bar around 1 a.m. on the previous Sunday. She said that an individual dressed as Little Bo Peep approached her and hit her with her decorative cane and began pushing the victim. She stated that at some point, someone held her hands behind her back and Little Bo Peep punched her in the nose. The victim then went to McCullough Hyde Hospital, where she was informed her nose was broken. The only other identifier the victim had was that the female suspect may have had brown hair. Little Bo Peep is still at large, presumably in Oxford.

Docile trespasser just wants to be held

At 3:50 a.m. Sunday, an officer responded to a home on Withrow in regard to a trespassing male student. The male was in a bedroom toward the back of the house and had a laceration on his chin which was bleeding heavily. When asked for identification, he produced a passport. He was extremely unsteady and required help standing still. He was unsure how much alcohol he had consumed but stated it was "a lot." He also stated he was at his sister's house on East Walnut, and called the officer a liar when the officer informed him that he was five blocks away from that location. He then stated he was scared and asked the officer to hold him. The officer declined. The resident stated she had seen him on the porch, and when he saw her door open he entered the residence and immediately went to the back room. He was not aggressive, and the female was not interested in pressing charges. The male was charged with Disorderly Conduct and Public Intoxication and transported to McCullough Hyde.

Third time's the arrest

At 11:06 p.m. Friday, officers were sent to Brick Street Bar to respond to an irate male who stated he had been kicked out of the bar "because [he was] black." The officers advised him to go to another bar and left. At 11:26 p.m., dispatch received another call from the same individual. The officers arrived and told him 911 is for emergencies only, and he stated that it was an emergency because his civil rights were being violated. The officers warned the male to cease calling 911 unless it was an emergency or he could be arrested. At 11:52 p.m. dispatch received a third call from the male, though he did not speak and hung up on the dispatcher. The officers once again went to Brick Street, where the male stated he had not called 911 a third time, but later admitted he accidentally had when the officer checked his call history. The officers took the male into custody and found a small bag of marijuana on the male's person. He was charged with Misuse of 911 System and Drug Possession and transported to Butler County Jail.