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More students take on J-term, online courses

By Corinne Hazen, For The Miami Student

Miami University students have happily welcomed the addition of the winter term to the university's calendar. With a total student enrollment increase of 29 percent from last J-term, the administration sees the addition as an overall success.

According to Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs David Sauter, there are changes being made to this upcoming winter term.

"[There will be] increased online and hybrid classes, more study abroad and more entrepreneurial offerings by faculty" Sauter said.

Sauter said both students and faculty have found the additional term to be beneficial.

"If you research the report from 2014 winter term, you will see greater than 90 percent approval by faculty and students," Sauter said. "Over 3,300 registered across all campuses, across the United States and across the world. The drop and withdraw rate was also less than a typical term."

As of Nov. 3, the Office of the Registrar reported a total of 3,943 students registered for 5,128 sections - a total of 15,135 credit hours for the winter term across all Miami campuses.

Out of the 3,943 students registered for winter courses, only 1,787 of them are meeting in a classroom.

According to Sauter, there has also been the addition of 0 credit hour classes offered during the Winter Term. These were created and approved by the University Senate for all independent work and internships.

"The purpose is for students who wish to have a record on their academic transcript, but not to take a class for one or more credit hours, can do so," said Sauter.

Sophomore Danielle Croff took advantage of Miami's extra semester in its debut year, taking Business 102 in order to make additional room for other classes in her fall schedule. Croff said she highly values the extra semester.

"[J-term] helps to get one or two classes in that you couldn't fit in during the normal semester," Croff said. "I am really involved at Miami so I don't like to take more than 15 credit hours. J-term helps me stay on time and sometimes ahead."

According to Croff, she will continue to take classes over the winter term because she finds it helpful to take a smaller number of credit hours - which gives her more time and energy to focus on one or two subjects - as opposed to a full schedule.

"I am taking another Winter Term class this year and I am actually excited about it," Croff said. "I am only taking one three-credit hour class, and it is my first marketing class so I am happy to do this without the distractions I would have during the regular semester."

Junior Ariel Wiley also took advantage of the addition of the Winter Term by taking GEO 121. Wiley said she firmly believes in the continuation of the term.

"I think they need to continue with J-term only for the reason that they do not have enough classes during the semester for all the students here," said Wiley. "Miami either needs to have more of the same classes taught at different hours or have a higher roster number allowed per class."