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‘Communicating Doors’ comes to campus

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By Amanda Garvy, For The Miami Student

Miami University's Department of Theatre will be performing "Communicating Doors" by Alan Ayckbourn Nov. 19 to 23, in Gates-Abegglen Theatre, Center for Performing Arts.

"Communicating Doors" is a humorous play that involves time travel, adventure, murder and mystery. The infatuating story expresses the values of courage and innovation as three women journey through time to change their fate.

The setting of the play starts off in a London hotel room in 2014. One of the protagonists, a professional dominatrix discovers the confession of a man that had his two wives killed. Fleeing for her life she escapes through the communicating doors and finds herself going back between the past and future. The three victims band together on an expedition to vanquish their murderer.

The director of the play and assistant professor of theatre at Miami University, Lewis Magruder, has love for the playwright.

"For all the farcical fun in 'Communicating Doors,' what I find most compelling about the play is the uplifting notion that a bit of courage, along with some help from others, can change lives," he said.

Through the central idea of time travel the story unravels a captivating mystery that remains incessantly amusing.

Jeremiah Plessinger, who plays a compunctious business tycoon named Reece, believes there is a perfect balance between character and atmosphere.

"I think people will definitely find the characters relatable and charming," Plessinger said. "It's a fast-paced, smartly written piece that keeps building the energy and ridiculousness as the show progresses."

This play will be the 16th annual John D. Yeck production at Miami University. "Communicating Doors" is the 46th play that Ayckbourn wrote. Created in 1993 it is one of Ayckbourn's lighter stories.

"Miami students and faculty would take interest in any play by Alan Ayckbourn, as he is one of the most celebrated and successful playwrights of our time," Magruder said. "'Communicating Doors' is one of many plays that enjoyed a successful commercial run in London."

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"Communicating Doors" has had numerous successes and is an award-winning playwright.

It was nominated for Best Comedy at The Laurence Olivier Awards in 1996 and it won the Moliere for Best Comedy in 1997.

Alan Ayckbourn was inducted into the American Theatre's Hall of Fame. He also received Critics' Circle Award for Services to the Arts in 2010.

The first performance will be on Nov. 19 at 7:30 p.m. Tickets can be purchased at the Shriver Box Office, $10 adults, $8 seniors, $7 students.