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Police Beat (10/31/14)

A troublemaking 'pear'

At 2:41 a.m., a male flagged down an officer in the 0 block of E. High St. and informed the officer he had been walking down the sidewalk when he was struck in the forehead with a piece of fruit believed to be a pear. The male identified the window of an apartment where he believed the fruit to have been thrown from, and an officer used the spotlight from the squad car to illuminate the window. The officers were able to identify two males inside the residence, one wearing a shirt and one shirtless. As the officers were speaking to the victim, another male, who also lived at that apartment, approached the officers and asked them what was going on. The officers asked if the male would let them into the apartment and the male refused. The officers asked the male for his ID and the male refused and began to walk away. The officers stopped him and informed him that if he did not he would be arrested. The male struggled to get away and was eventually subdued on the ground and placed in handcuffs. The officers were able to locate his wallet and identification, as well as a key that looked like it might open the apartment lobby. The male was cited for Obstructing Official Business and released. The officers then knocked on the apartment door and spoke to the other residents. The shirtless male seen through the window admitted to throwing pears earlier in the night at a few people who he knew on the sidewalk but that he had not thrown anything at strangers. The male was arrested and taken to OPD and once informed that the victim had dropped the charges, he admitted to throwing the fruit. The male was cited for Littering and released.

Bruno's burglary

At 2:10 a.m. on Oct. 18, a male patron walked into Bruno's Pizza and asked to buy two slices of pepperoni pizza. The bill totaled $4. The male swiped his credit card and it only paid $.47 toward the bill. Several employees told the male that the bill was not paid in full and that he would need to pay the remainder of the balance. He took the slices of pizza off of the counter and ran for the front door in an attempt to flee the store. The management at Bruno's restrained the male and immediately called the police. When the police arrived on the scene, they questioned the male about his actions. The officer on duty suspected the male had consumed alcohol that evening, which they later found to be true. The male was charged with Theft and Offenses Involving Underage Persons.