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Police Beat (10/28/2014)

Student damages city property

At 1:17 a.m. Friday, an officer heard the sound of a window breaking from the Municipal Building. As the officer approached the building, he observed a male student at the top of the exterior stairwell of the building. The male then descended and stood in front of the Municipal Building, where the officer confronted him. He repeatedly denied having done the damage, though the officer stated that he saw the male at the top of the stairs and that there were tiny glass shards covering the male's shoes. He was taken into custody at OPD and signed his citations with "haha this is something illegible" instead of his legal name, and repeatedly stated his constitutional rights were being infringed. He was charged with Sales and Use by Underage Persons, Criminal Mischief and Certain Acts Prohibited, and transported to Butler County Jail.

The unwelcome guest

At 7:56 a.m. Saturday, an officer responded to a report of an unknown subject in a resident's home. The resident also stated that the front door had been damaged, and the officer observed that it had been forced in. The resident located a male student asleep in a resident's bed, and had difficulty rousing him. When the male finally became conscious, the officer took him into custody. He was very confused and stated he was "at a buddy's house." The officer informed him that he was in fact in a female's home, and neither she nor her roommate recognized him. The male smelled very strongly of alcohol and had apparently urinated on himself and the bed. He was taken to OPD and charged with Burglary, Criminal Damage and Disorderly Conduct, and transported to Butler County Jail.

Fraternity Feud

At 1:27 a.m. Saturday, an officer on patrol heard glass breaking to his immediate left and stopped his vehicle, whereupon he heard the sound again. He exited his vehicle and observed a broken window on the second floor and cracked window on the ground floor of a fraternity house. He eventually found the male suspect crouching behind a parked vehicle. The officer asked the male if he was the one who broke the windows. The male student replied he had broken the second floor window by throwing a golf club. He also stated that he had heard a female was assaulted in the home, and he broke the window as retribution. The male was found to be 19 years of age, in possession of a fake ID and a member of a different fraternity. He was cited with Criminal Mischief and Certain Acts Prohibited and will be charged by the victims for the damage.