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Police Beat (10/14/14)

Female falls from second story window

At 9:16 p.m. on Saturday, police responded to a call from The Woods bar in response to a female student falling from a second story window above the bar. Upon arrival, multiple witnesses told the police that they saw the female in question walk in front of a bus, down the middle of the street and to the McCullough-Hyde emergency room at her own accord. One witness said he followed her for her safety, due to her behavior. The officers went to the hospital, where they met with the female, who was very confused and said that she did not remember any events of the evening other than that she was with her sister. Her friend stated that the female had been "day drinking all day,"and a witness reported that he saw the female kick out the screen of the window she fell out of and proceed to try to climb down the building, at which point she fell onto him as he positioned himself to break her fall. He sustained no injuries. The owner of the apartment in question was contacted, and he said that he did not know the female, that his television had been damaged and that female's wallet was in his apartment. He and his roommate declined to press charges. OPD contacted the female the following day, and she still did not remember the events of the preceding evening, though she was extremely apologetic. She was cited a misdemeanor for Public Intoxication to a Harmful Condition.

Male pulled over, found intoxicated

At 12:54 a.m. on Friday, an officer on patrol was driving north on South Campus Avenue when he noticed a vehicle in front of him had no rear lights on. He pulled the vehicle over, and when the driver lowered his window, a strong odor of alcohol emitted from the vehicle. The officer asked both the driver and his passenger if either of them had consumed alcohol that evening, and they both denied drinking. The driver stated he had pink eye and an upset stomach, and could therefore not drink alcohol. The officer asked him to exit the vehicle for further questioning, as something had to explain the odor. The driver stepped out and agreed to perform multiple sobriety tests, all of which he failed; subsequently, the officer placed the driver under arrest. At the police station, the officer informed the male that his passenger had admitted that they both had alcohol earlier that evening while "pregaming," at which point the male stated that he had two or three shots worth of alcohol in a slushy his friend made for him. He submitted to a breath test, which found his BAC to be .196, indicating he had much more to drink than what he stated. He was cited with Driving under the influence, Offenses involving underage persons and failure to have taillights, and was released.

Asleep in the bushes

At 9:08 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 2, officers responded to a report of a highly intoxicated male in front of a Laundromat of a trailer park. Upon arrival, the officer noticed the male was laying in the bushes in front of the Laundromat with his pants halfway down. The officer asked the male if he was okay, to which the male replied, "Maybe." He denied having taken drugs, but admitted that he had drunk vodka at a friend's trailer, though he could not remember where that was or his friend's name. The officer noticed he seemed unsure of where he was and needed help standing, at which point the officer procured ID, which placed the male at 18 years of age. The officer took the male to OPD, where he was cited with Use by Underage Persons and Intoxication: Harmful Condition and released to his grandmother.