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Police Beat (10/07/14)

Drunken litterbug flees from police

At 3:41 a.m. Friday, Sept. 19, a 19-year-old male engaged in a heated standoff with a garbage can near 117 E. Walnut St. Several police officers observed the student kicking the trashcan down the street, leaving a trail of litter in his wake. Upon recognizing that several OPD officers had joined him, the intoxicated male fled, beginning a brief police chase. It required a total of five officers to restrain the student, who refused to reveal any information once brought into custody. His offenses included Obstruction of an Official Business, Resisting Arrest, Criminal Mischief and Underage Consumption of Liquor.

First-year attempts to bunk at Bagel & Deli

At 1:13 a.m. on Saturday, Sept. 27 a first-year male Miami student with a graphic design major was found passed out in the chairs out front of Bagel & Deli. Officers were called to the scene with Life Squad to assess the state of the defendant. When officers did arrive at the Bagel & Deli shop, the male could identify himself to the officers at the scene. The male was charged with public intoxication and a liquor violation for being underage. After being given the citations from officers the male student was given transportation back to his residence, Porter Hall. According to the Oxford Police Department's police report, the victim of the crime was society.

Intoxicated female found in traffic lane

At 1:51 a.m. Friday, Sept. 27, an officer observed a female student passed out, lying in the northbound traffic lane of S. Poplar Street. The officer attempted to wake the unconscious female, but she was unresponsive and began to cough. After rolling her over, the officer smelled a strong odor of alcohol emitting from her breath. A male that was standing over the female told the officer she had been drinking heavily that night and the officer called for a Life Squad. The female was transported to the McCullough-Hyde Hospital Emergency Room. She was cited with Disorderly Conduct, Intoxication and Sales to and Use by Underage Persons.