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Uptown security cameras to be placed in City Council budget

City officials agreed to budget for two security cameras to be placed in the Uptown business district in the coming months in order to counter vandalism.

Up until now, the Uptown area has not had any security cameras, leaving the streets open to crime and vandalism that often goes unpunished.

According to Richard Keebler, Oxford City Councilor, the location of the cameras has not been decided upon nor has the decision to place the cameras Uptown been totally approved.

"We have agreed to place the cameras in the budget for the coming months," Keebler said. "The location and final decisions for the cameras have not been finalized."

According to the Oxford City Council, the cost of the two cameras would be somewhere around $24,000 in total.

The need for these two security cameras were brought up to city council in a letter drafted by Oxford City of Commerce Chairman Michael Rudolph.

The letter was presented to Oxford City Council and the board agreed to budget the security cameras due to the reports within the letter.

Since January, there have been more than 200 police calls to the Uptown business district, including 86 calls for disorderly conduct, 86 calls for theft, 40 calls for property damage and 66 calls for fights, according to the letter Rudolph sent to council.

According to Keebler, these reports from the Oxford City of Commerce and Oxford Police Department are the main motive for needing security cameras Uptown.