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Uptown boutique builds brand

By Rachel Tracey, For The Miami Student

Previously known as Collected Works, Lane & Kate is a "new" store run by siblings, Rachel Pfeiffer and Jessica Greene. Located at 29 E. High St., these sisters believe their store has something to offer that other stores Uptown do not.

Everything in the store is handcrafted by artists inside and outside the United States, and each item also has a background that comes with it.

"A personal item that has a story of its own," said Katie Noble, manager of Lane & Kate. "It is such a deeper testimony to the artist."

The store features high-end and affordable handcrafted items.

"Hand made items is what makes us different," Pfeiffer said. "There is something a little different in each store Uptown, and we compliment each other in our differences."

The name Lane & Kate came from the middle names of Rachel and Jessica. Rachel's middle name is Katherine and Jessica's middle name is Lane. The two names also run in their family.

Collected Works had been uptown since 1989 and Rachel bought the store in 2011 after the owner passed away.

"It was something I always wanted to do," Pfeiffer said.

Rachel and Jessica began remodeling the store and reopened with a brand new name in June of this year.

"Since they bought it in 2011, it's been in transition," Noble said. "The store is stepping fully into the new ownership and I think it's great. It's really, really fun."

Rachel, Jessica and Katie just returned from a buying show in New York City where they found the artists they wanted to represent in their store. The theme this year was centered on lifestyle and home designs. They had home décor, jewelry and kitchenware, Noble said.

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"People keep saying the place looks bigger. We have clean white walls and it's brighter," Noble said. "Having the ability to display items more clearly has made people realize that we have lines we have had for years."

Students and other costumes can expect to see higher-end jewelry, new stationary patterns, custom cut engagement rings and bridal lines for Miami mergers. They will be featuring men's jewelry and other affordable jewelry styles for ladies, Noble added.

Students have also gravitated toward the sterling silver line of jewelry, gold and diamond rings and paper stationary. Students can also expect to see a line of art prints coming into the store soon, Pfeiffer said.

Lane & Kate is open 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Saturday and noon to 5 p.m. Sunday. To keep up with the latest Lane & Kate news, connect on Twitter @LaneandKate or on