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Police Beat (09/30/2014)

Sittin' pretty in throw-up city

At 1:10 a.m. Friday, an officer observed a female student sitting on the sidewalk near a delivery truck. Upon closer observation, the officer noticed a puddle of vomit next to the female. He approached her and engaged in conversation with her, at which point she produced a valid driver's license, and when she stood, she was unsteady and the officer smelled alcohol about her person. She stated that she had only had too much alcohol and she "felt much better" after vomiting and wanted to go home. She was cited for Public Intoxication and escorted to her residence.

Rock this town, rock it inside-out

At 3:38 a.m. Friday, an officer responded to a call of property destruction by a male student. Upon the officer's arrival, the complainant stated that someone had thrown a rock through their living room window, at which point the rock hit the back of their mounted television. The rock broke part of the mounting, causing the TV to pitch forward, the force of which cracked the screen. The victim and his roommates stated that they did not know the perpetrators; however, earlier that evening one of the roommates had gotten into a verbal altercation with a group of unknown males on the street. None of the roommates knew what the altercation was about, but suspected that it was the same males. There is an open/pending investigation of Criminal Mischief.

High school never ends

At 10:24 p.m. Friday, an officer observed a blue vehicle drifting in the lane it was driving in, first hitting the curb then drifting almost completely into the left lane. The officer stopped the vehicle as it was turning onto another street, and observed that the driver had a can of beer between his legs. The driver pointed out to the officer that the can was sealed, but the officer noticed another opened can of beer lying on the passenger's side floorboard. The officer asked the driver to exit the vehicle and conducted a field sobriety test, which the driver passed. The officer then noticed a third can of beer, which still had liquid in it, on the driver's side floorboard as well as a 35mm film case. The officer asked the driver what was in the canister, to which the driver replied, "My weed." The officer opened the canister and observed what appeared to be marijuana, and asked the driver if he had any other paraphernalia. The driver said no, he was hoping someone at Hueston Woods would have had some paper for him to roll with, and stated that he had been there for his 40-year high school reunion. He was charged with Drug Possession pending lab results and Open Container in a Motor Vehicle.