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Police Beat (09/12/14)

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Roommate retaliation

At 6 p.m. on Wednesday, three females met with an officer at OPD to file a complaint against their fourth roommate. The females said the fourth had vaguely discussed assault and often smoked marijuana in the apartment. The officer told the females to call OPD if the incidents continued. At 8:30 p.m. that same day, one of the females called OPD to report that the fourth roommate was smoking marijuana in the apartment. When an officer arrived they noticed a strong odor of burned marijuana in the apartment and knocked on the fourth roommate's door. The female eventually opened the door and when asked claimed that all the marijuana had been smoked. The officer said they would return with a warrant, and the female then produced a paper bag containing what appeared to be marijuana and a blunt roach. The officer asked if the female would like to discuss roommate issues and the female agreed to discuss further at the OPD. The female stated she would try to get along better with her roommates, was given a citation for Drug Possession and was released.

The bagel bandit

At 3:15 p.m. Wednesday, an officer was dispatched to the Kappa Alpha Fraternity house, 314 E. Church St., to take a report of burglary from the fraternity's president. The president stated that this Saturday afternoon, four to five unknown males had broken into the house by knocking out a part of the front door and reaching around to open the door from the inside. While the president was not in the house at the time of the incident, several brothers who were home told the males breaking in to leave, and that when the males entered the house they began throwing punches at the brothers. The males left once they noticed that a bystander on the street was filming the incident and began pursuing the bystander. As they left, the males also took a bag of bagels. The investigation is currently ongoing.

Confrontational couple

At 11:35 p.m. Wednesday, an officer standing outside OPD noticed a fight occurring in front of Brick Street Bar, 36 E High St. The officer approached and noticed bouncers from the bar were trying to remove a male who then tried to climb over the fence on the patio of the bar and was being pulled back by a female who did not work for the bar. The officer stopped the male as the owner of Brick Street came over to speak to the officer. The owner informed the officer the male had poured a drink on the band performing on stage and was removed from the bar. While being removed the male punched a bouncer, a female friend of the male also punched a female bouncer in retaliation for her friend being removed. The owner said the assaulting female was in the bar bathroom and the officer called for a female officer to retrieve her. Both the male and female were transported to OPD, the male was charged with Assault and Aggravated Trespass, and the female with Assault.