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Transparent office makes for transparent journalism

By Emily Eldridge and Nicole Theodore, former Opinion Editors

Originally published Jan. 31, 2014

As we begin the new year in the Armstrong Student Center, the employees of The Miami Student are surrounded by glass. Everyone can see in; everyone can see what we are up to. There are no boundaries and no brick walls that separate us from our Miami and Oxford community.

Transparency, as first-year journalism students learn early on, is an intricate part of what makes journalism work effectively. The Editorial section of The Miami Student invites readers to continuously reach out to us on social media, write letters to the editor and even submit column ideas and stories to us. We want to hear from you, and we want to know what you think. Before, we may have seemed out-of-reach to our readers, and even faceless. Even though great journalism requires an unbiased look at news and current events, it doesn't mean readers shouldn't know who is writing the story, column or article they are reading. We hope this change of office space ushers in a new era of communication between The Miami Student staff and the community we write for, and allows you to get to know more about who we, the editors, are.

The Editorial section is about showcasing opinions on a range of issues from politics and international news to what's going on in the Miami community. We want to publish a range of views that can reflect every reader, but we cannot do that without your voice. It is called The Miami Student for a reason, so please, write to us and pitch ideas. Send us feedback on what you think about our editorials and columns. The only way we can continue to be an effective publication is by hearing constructive criticism and applying it to what we do, just as any other working, professional publication does.

Next Tuesday, the Editorial Board will be featuring a piece about gun control and the recent events and conversations that have been sparked within the last year concerning it. We would love to hear from readers about their thoughts and stances on the well-debated issue for our editorial next week and thereafter.

Please stop by our office on the second floor of the Armstrong Center in room 3018 if you ever want to speak to us about writing for the editorial section, have something you think we should know about or even just to see what we are doing when we are putting together the newspaper.

We want to be accessible to every member of the Miami community at all times, and the editorial section will only become the facilitator of interesting and important public discussion with your help.

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.

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