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Class of 2018 'makes it Miami'

By Emily C. Tate, University Editor

Today a promising group of bright-eyed students fill the red-brick residence halls of Miami University. The class of 2018 boasts some of the most acclaimed students to ever attend Miami, officials said.

"We expect it to be the most academically accomplished and geographically diverse [class] in Miami's history," said Susan Schaurer, interim director of Admission and Enrollment Communication. "To continue to attract students of academic caliber from all parts of Ohio, across the country and across the globe is very exciting for [the university]."

While impressive, this class is merely following the trend of its predecessors. Nearly without exception, Miami has brought in classes with higher scores and greater ethnic diversity since 2006.

Schaurer said this year's first-year class comprises students from 39 different U.S. states and 33 countries, and has the highest average ACT score in university history at 27.7. Each year the numbers improve slightly.

And according to Miami's Office of Institutional Research, the class of 2018 has the most non-Ohio residents, 43 percent, since the class of 2006. In addition, a record-breaking 9 percent of first-years are beginning their education at Miami with enough AP credit hours to be considered sophomores and juniors.

While achievement levels and campus diversity continue to rise, class size remains consistent. Application submissions are higher than ever before, but officials do not intend to increase the size of the student body, Schaurer said.

"We are very fortunate," she said. "We had 25,302 applications for this incoming class of about 3,600 [students] - the largest number of applications received in university history."

Such a large applicant pool meant a more competitive, highly selective admission process than ever before.

"Each and every member of the class of 2018 proved themselves through their academic accomplishments and their involvement in co-curricular activities and community organizations," Schaurer said. "We are truly excited about what they will bring to the university and what they will contribute to the campus community."

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