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A student-athlete walking into class at Shideler Hall

RedHawks maintain academic excellence with the help of multiple support services

Last semester, the university announced that the RedHawk student-athletes posted a combined GPA of 3.22, with 69.4% of student-athletes earning a GPA of 3.0 or higher in the spring.  This marked the 37th semester in a row that athletes maintained this level of academic success. Miami seems to excel at supporting athletes academically, with several resources and support services in-place solely for the athletes to utilize.

What would it take for Miami to play at the Power 5 level and compete?

What would it take for Miami to jump to the Power 5?

This year, for just the third time since the Jimmy Carter administration, Miami finished the regular season with 10 wins.  Such a great season begs an interesting — albeit unrealistic — question: What would it take for Miami to play at the Power 5 level and compete?

Star junior quarterback Brett Gabbert rushes shortly after the snap against the University of Toledo.

‘I’m getting better every day’: Brett Gabbert talks recovery after season-ending injury

Down 21-10 in their biggest game of the season to this point, the Miami RedHawks are two yards away from punching into the end zone to cut the University of Toledo lead under a touchdown. Star junior quarterback Brett Gabbert smacks his hands together, and before the snap even hits them, he’s moving toward the end zone. He doesn’t make it a yard before he meets the Toledo defense. 

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