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Earth Day: A Worldwide Celebration

Earth Day started here in the United States exactly 45 years ago today, but it has spread to be a worldwide phenomenon! Everywhere from Latin America, to the Middle East, to the Caribbean and Europe is getting in on the act. Below are some of the highlights from around the world on this Global Earth day.


  • China – Beijing Hikers, a group of hiking enthusiast, is going to be picking up as much litter as they can as they walk along the Great Wall of China.
  • Indonesia – Pontianak City – Locals are encouraged to pick up garbage around their cities and villages and on April 26th the locals will be campaigning to plant trees around their villages and cities.
  • Antigua - Stingray City is hosting an event where people take to the water to explore the mangroves and coastlines in order to appreciate their amazing biodiversity.
  • Netherlands – Earth Day The Netherlands 2015 will be celebrated in The Hague with a bilingual event that will include a fair with eco-venders, soil, gardening, and Scrap to Art workshops, lectures on the environment and much more.
  • Romania – Romania is launching a new book called “Protecting the Local Ecosystems” that they will use in schools throughout the country.
  • Mexico – An event called Mexico en la Tierra is planned. It is a photo tour that will focus on environmental changes, mostly in Mexico, through the years then will be followed by a discussion on the human impacts to the environment and how to take action.
  • Lebanon – Volunteers will be sweeping Tungku Beach and picking up litter.
  • Iraq – Iraqi Green Peace will be printing t-shirts for Iraqi students and planting 500 olive trees in the country.
  • The Rainforest Trust – the Trust will be helping protect 25,000 acres of Rainforest in Sumatra for the Iconic Sumatran Tiger.
Earth Day may have had its start in the United States, but, as the name implies, it is really an Earth Day.

Photo License: Creative Commons